We uphold the values that instinctively accompany us, pursuing the desire for freedom of a wild and tenacious nature, bringing with it a rich freshness with hints of lime and sage. Elegant and articulate, the Sauvignon is an excellent aperitif wine and also pairs well with asparagus, vegetable soups and marinated fish.

Training system:


Harvest time:

last week of August / first week of September

Serving temperature:

13-15° C

Gold Medal Concours Mondial Bruxelles 2022
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Sensory Notes


Strong, typical, elegant and complex. The richness of the aromas highlights fruity notes of blackcurrant, passion fruit, white melon; elderflower; spicy notes of chilli and ginger; and the freshness of oregano and mint leaves. Varietal notes of boxwood and tomato leaf combine with light citrus hints of lime and grapefruit. Constantly evolving.


Ideal for appetizers, goes very well with asparagus, vegetable and legume soups and marinated fish.