Our wines

Five worlds, 27 wines
We tell the tale of our wine varieties through five worlds, which encompass and celebrate our values

Mondo 1 • Terra

Aroma and body

The world of Land is the territory, the same that, in 1789, was appreciated by the Gran Doganiere, a key figure in the agricultural and commercial redevelopment of the region.

Müller Thurgau • Traminer • Friulano • Refosco dal peduncolo rosso • Rosato frizzante • Prosecco extra dry

Mondo 2 • Aria

Lightness and bouquet

The world of Air draws all its strength from the fragrances. When the harvest season comes, it’s time to run and, as we say, without dilly-dallying, go straight for it: zi drez.

Cabernet Franc • Chardonnay • Pinot Bianco • Pinot Grigio • Malbech • Moscato Giallo • Prosecco frizzante

Mondo 3 • Profumo

Floral, fruity flavour

The world of Fragrance is linked to the morphology of the area and all the biodiversity it originates.

Merlot • Cabernet Sauvignon • Ribolla Gialla • Verduzzo • Rosato • Moscato frizzante • Müller Thurgau Spumante

Mondo 4 • Famiglia

History, tradition and stories

The world of Family tells of strong personalities that represent a historical testimony with unique and authentic symbolic potential.

Radixduva • Arc di San Marc • Polsat • Schioppettino • Ribolla Gialla Spumante • Vermut

Mondo 5 • Contea

Exclusive, limited production

The world of County encapsulates the spontaneous nature of the figures that constantly reoccur in our everyday lives, from the protected dimension of the home to the wild and unspoilt.

Sauvignon • Merlot • Pinot Nero