The land

Between water and land

The land

Wine quality as an expression of the land

Berto & Fiorella Baccichetto put down roots in Precenicco, a special place in the middle of the Latisana DOC area of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A place with a wealth of history and traditions where modern wineries welcome guests in a characteristic setting, laden with the aroma of the region’s wines and the countryside. A small world with a great wine culture to immerse oneself in with complete confidence. The only uncertainty is the choice between so many varieties on offer.

The vineyards

At first glance, an expanse of vine-rows

Dozens of hectares of vine-rows tended and cared for personally by us: attentive, painstaking winemakers always eager for new knowledge and experience. The growing area is located on the strip of land that runs along the Adriatic Sea to the north towards the town of Latisana. These lands are particularly suited to producing fine wines due to their climate, but above all their mineral-rich sandy-clayey soil.

From nature, for nature
SQNPI certification

Integrated National Production Quality System

All our products are certified under SQNPI, a marking that guarantees low environmental impact farming practices, reducing the use of chemical substances to a minimum and ensuring sustainable quality respectful of man and the environment. The distinctive sign attests that our company complies with the national guidelines specific to winemaking and the farming practices to be adopted.

Technical expertise married to the wisdom of tradition

Technical expertise married to the wisdom of tradition

From soft grape pressing to controlled fermentation through temperature control of each tank. These shrewd practices translate into complete control over fermentation, ageing in steel tanks, refinement in wood and then in the bottle. Our goal has always been to express the values of the land, exalt the distinctive traits of our grapes, celebrating the qualities of their flavour and bouquet year after year.