Domus Bacc(h)i

Wine, conviviality and culture

Domus Bacc(h)i

The joy of toasting with wine true to tradition overflows from our glasses to this day

Our Domus Bacc(h)i is born of our desire to expand our offerings, to breathe new life into the historic Family farmhouse through a restoration that combines the magic of winemaking with the beauty of art and music. A fully realized temple to culture that takes its name from the ancient pagan divinity Bacchus, as the Romans called him, the god of wine and the grape-harvest, but also of entertainment.

A dream come true

Gatherings and music, art and wine

Domus Bacc(h)i welcomes its guests, continuing the Baccichetto family tradition of hospitality, imbued with the beauty and flavours of the land. A place made for conviviality from its earliest origins, and now, in its new architectural and functional form, the heart of our wine-tastings, round-tables, exhibitions and musical events.

degustazione vini friulani